Francine Richmond, Birmingham, AL

Dr. Worthen replaced both my knees. His expertise and genuine personal care enhanced my experience. He patiently answered all of my questions and explained the procedures and subsequent physical therapy; which I followed to the letter resulting in total scope and movement in both knees. Professionalism, expertise and warm personality are what makes Dr. Worthen so special.

Peggy Rhodes, Warrior, AL

Dr. Worthen is an exceptional doctor and surgeon. He immediately put me at ease and attentively listened as I told him about the pain I was having in my knee, though it had been replaced several years earlier. He explained the causes of my pain and visually showed me the problem areas. He made sure I understood what a revision would involve and the therapy needed after surgery. Dr. Worthen works tirelessly to give his patients the best possible care – including selecting a staff that is equally as competent as he is. My only regret is that his areas of specialty are limited to knees and shoulders. He’s knowledgeable and innovative, and the kind of “genuine” doctor that I wish could treat all my ailments. I have the utmost confidence and admiration for Dr. Worthen. I have and will continue to recommend him to other family members and friends.

Carol Stewart, Birmingham, AL

From the moment he walked into the examination room on the first visit until today, Dr. Worthen has provided me with a sense of hope and confidence that I could change my physical condition. With Parkinson’s gait issues, for almost two year I experienced severe pain in my right knee when I walked. Being unable to walk except for very short distances made me feel very isolated. I could no longer do the things that I loved to do. After reading the x-ray on that first visit, Dr. Worthen assured me that he could help. Before that day I thought it would be necessary to travel beyond the Birmingham area to have a minimally invasive total knee replacement, but by happenstance my husband heard that Dr. Worthen performed these surgeries here in Birmingham and that he was very good at it. Within a short period, I was scheduled for surgery, educated about the total knee replacement process through the OrthoNavigator Joint Camp (which enabled me to prepare myself and my home for convalescence), and had all my pre-admission tests done. On the day of surgery, everyone around me was kind and caring and took my fears away. Dr. Worthen regularly checked on me while I was hospitalized and made sure I was pain free and comfortable. At home, I was prepared and could devote the first days to healing and rehabilitation. When I went for my one week follow up visit, I almost wept when I was shown the before and after x-rays of my right knee. Where the gnarly, dagger-edged bones had been rubbing against each other were causing so much pain, was a new shiny perfect knee with my cleaned smooth kneecap sitting on top of it. That picture stays in my mind as I now walk anywhere I want to go. Thank you Dr. Worthen for making this possible!

Ronald Rhodes, Warrior, AL

I have seen Dr. Worthen for both my knee and my shoulder, and I recommend him unconditionally. He is extremely personable, and his knowledge and expertise as an orthopedic surgeon is unmatched. My first experience with Dr. Worthen was a total knee replacement. He took the time to thoroughly explain the source of my pain and the options for treatment available to me. I had checked and, at the time, he was one of the few surgeons in the Birmingham area that took the time to have joint replacement parts made specifically to match my original knee to ensure a more perfect fit for the replacement knee. There was absolutely no pressure from him to have the surgery – the decision was mine to make. He encouraged me to ask questions. My pain was minimal and recovery after surgery was amazing. Several years later I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulder so I sought Dr. Worthen again. Once again he took the time to explain in detail my injuries and discuss the options. I really appreciate that he was willing to take the time and use his skills to “keep what to Good Lord gave me” by repairing rather than jumping immediately to a replacement. He truly does what is best for each patient. I have referred both family and friends to Dr. Worthen and he will be the first person I call when there’s another issues with a knee or shoulder.

Colin Mitchell, Mountain Brook, AL

Dr. Worthen performed an ACL reconstruction on my left knee after a tennis injury. I was eager to have the surgery and recovery period over as soon as possible so that I could get back to my active lifestyle. Dr. Worthen took the time to explain exactly what the surgery would entail and what physical therapy I needed to do afterwards to heal quickly and completely. The surgery was a great success and I am back on the tennis courts like nothing ever happened. I highly recommend Dr. Worthen!

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